John Porterfield, MFT
     Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis for Couples
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Couples Counseling

 I help couples develop effective solutions for resolving lingering problems and overcoming challenges that keep you from moving forward towards the goals that you value and desire.


Need help improving your relationship? Resolving a problem? Need support as you make changes in your life and move towards your true goals?

I provide a safe and caring environment that allows you to express yourself more fully -- your needs and desires, your conflicts and ambivalence, so you are free to experience the honest growth and development that is yours to claim. I am able to provide you with practical and useful tools for solving problems and conflicts that allow you to get past these things that are keeping you from feeling satisfied, understood, appreciated and fulfilled.

My years of professional experience allow me to be simple and direct, and very creative in my response to your own needs and interests. Deep down, we generally know what it is we need. I pay close attention, and reflect your own inner wisdom back to you in a way that is practical and often liberating. As we work together, the way becomes more clear. The challenges become less challenging as you decide to simply, and more truly, become yourself.

Clients appreciate my warmth, along with my positive caring and enthusiastic belief that we can change and develop ourselves in ways that are both satisfying and fulfilling.

I invite you to call for a free phone consultation, and look forward to talking with you.

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